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Those Winter Temperatures

Posted on by mechanicalmovements

As the winter closes in and the years comes to an end, everyone is rushed around to complete all Christmas shopping before that time of year is here but what everyone seems to forget its keeping your drains happy and healthy over the winter.

Here are a few drainage tips to ensure that you keep on top of your drains this winter:

-Keep your drains clear – Keeping your drains clear from small particles getting stuck on the sides of your drains by running some cold water into the drain.

-For keeping drains clear you can pour any grease and fat deposits from cooking into an old drinks carton or old container.

-Ensure that all storage tanks and pipes which do not receive any form of heat are covered and insulated well. This will prevent them from freezing and potentially cracking or bursting in the future.

-Heating – If you have done all the above and still are not quite convinced that your drains are safe then you can use your home heating to your advantage and leave it on a low level throughout the colder temperatures.

-Leakages – Before the colder temperatures settle down, it is good practice to have an inspection of your property to ensure that you have no leaks, if you come across a leak then it could of caused a much larger and more expensive issues down the line.

-Clear Drains – The quickest way for you to be certain that your drains are at peak efficiency are to have them cleared frequently. Having completely clear drains ensures that nothing has frozen or stuck in the drains and will give you peace at mind.

With all these tips in mind, if you get stuck and come across the issue of a frozen or burst drain then please give us a call on 0800 061 2559.

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