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The hot weather impact on drainage and plumbing

Posted on by mechanicalmovements

When the hot weather comes around, it often brings issues to some of the most un-thought of places. There are many places which sell products that will clear a blocked drain but few will prevent any from returning.

It’s not just blockages which can be of issue in the summer months, there are other common drain issues which can occur. All exposed pipes on the property need to be covered to prevent the sun from crack, burst or shattering the pipe, especially if it is made from plastic. If you are unfortunate to have experienced this already then you can contact our plumbers on 01474 363359.

While the sun is out and the temperatures are up, everyone often forgets to keep an eye of their water usage. This often causes unexpected high water bills and they are not the best thing to open up one summer morning. There could be other reasons why the water bills have come back high, it might be worth checking your appliances, plumbing and drainage for any potential leaks or breaks in any of the systems. Our expert team of engineers are equipment with all the latest technology to track down any drainage issues.

While The most obvious issues are often thought of, an issue which commonly escapes the mind of someone during the summer, is an indoor flood. now you are probably thinking how can an indoor flood happen on the hottest part of the year. well it is simple, just before the hottest part of the year is the April Showers. If your drains are kept in a poor or unmaintained condition then the likelihood of a flood during or after the April Showers is quite common. To prevent the chance of this happening, is to have your drains inspected and tested before the rainy weather kicks in. If by chance you happen to be late and get caught with your house flooding, give us an emergency call on 01474 363359.

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