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Drain maintanance

Posted on by mechanicalmovements

MM Drains have put together a few tips to help keep your drainage properly maintained.

Acquire some of the following ‘tools’ to get started:

  • Protective Gloves/Glasses
  • A empty plastic bottle
  • A Kettle
  • Some baking & white vinegar

-Tip boiling water down your drains on a regular basis, making a habit of doing this once a week would help reduce any sticky or greasy deposits down the drain by washing it round.

-Pour a small amount of baking soda into the drain followed by a cup of white vinegar. Once you have poured the white vinegar down the drain you will hear some fizzing as the 2 (things) react together. This is natural and will require you to leave it for around 10 minutes to get maximum effect. Once this time has gone then proceed to pour some boiling water down the drain to clear the drain.

-To prevent these things from sticking to the drain I the future, don’t pour cooking fat, grease and oils into the drain when you finish cooking. Pour them into a bottle and throw them into the bin.

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